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Samsung has been leading the print industry with technical innovations in late years. From producing the industry's first Android powered multi-function devices with a 10.1" tablet interface, to incorporating high performance CPUs for fast processing, offering scanning speeds up to 240 images per minute, producing brilliantly sharp printing with their unique rendering engine for clean page (ReCP), and providing NFC-enabled printing.

They are producing devices that are incredibly comfortable to use while offering the best value-for-money. Given the series of awards Samsung's products have been receiving in recent years, it will not be long before they are established as the industry leaders.


Katun Distributor

Katun is one of the world's leading suppliers of OEM-compatible products. Their line of products offers such excellent and consistent printing quality, you'll wonder why you ever bought OEM products. Furthermore, with a defect rate of less than 2% and a 2-year warranty, you can feel confident you are getting the best possible product the market could offer.


PaperCut Value Added Reseller

With PaperCut, we can provide you with an effective output management solution, no matter what brand of devices you have in use. The PaperCut team has worked long and hard to establish their solution PaperCut MF as the industry leader. With their product, we can make your printing environment secure and flexible, allowing your users to receive their print jobs from any device they choose, but only when authorised to do so.


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