Managed Print with Athanasis Economides

As the largest independent provider and support centre of printing equipment and supplies in Cyprus, our company is uniquely positioned to manage all your print.

Our expertise and wide range of products enables us to offer each client a solution tailored to their needs and environment. We seek to considerably increase print quality and user experience, while achieve cost reductions of over 30%.

What is Managed Print

Managed Print Services are about integrating the right combination of hardware, supplies, and software to help each client save money and time.

In brief, this involves assessing your current printing equipment and printing behaviour, proposing a tailored solution that would help you maximise efficiency, and then continually monitoring your printers to ensure maximum uptime.

Printing equipment is provided under all-inclusive maintenance contracts where you pay based on usage, ensuring fully predictable and visible costs, without any incidental.s

Rentals & Financing

Further, we can help your business hold onto its capital, by providing the equipment you need on rental or hire purchase schemes. This way you can begin to see cost savings from day one and keep your business' capital where it's needed the most. Hire purchase plans with us do not involve going to the bank - rather, we provide you with our own in-house financing.

Remote Monitoring

One of the major benefits of Managed Print, is the peace of mind. With our plan you eliminate the need to manage a stock of supplies, place orders, or monitor printer health. We do all of this for you remotely.

Output Management

Lastly, for maximum cost savings, security, and full control of your printing behaviour, we can implement an output management solution, such as PaperCut MF. With such a solution, we focus on increasing user convenience and document security, while reducing unnecessary printing.

This is achieved with the implementation of "follow-me", authorised-only printing, and the introduction of user account policies and quotas, with access to powerful reporting for monitoring of user behaviour. Professional services firms can take advantage of client billing to track project costs, while educational institutes can provide students access to pay for print.