Partnering with Athanasis Economides

For many years, we have been established as the go-to company for those who wish to offer their customers print services, support, and supplies, without all the hassle of attaining the expertise and capabilities to do so.

General Support

Repair Services

We provide repair services for printers, copiers, and plotters for most major brands. We perform the diagnosis for free and then inform you of the associated costs for each repair.

Supply Provision

We import supplies (consumables and parts) for all major brands. Our supplies are sourced from some of the world's top manufacturers and come with a warranty.

Maintenance Agreements

We provide two types of maintenance agreements. One is a limited flat-fee annual agreement that covers labour cost for repair services, and is best suited for small printers, faxes, and MFPs. The second is a cost per page all-inclusive maintenance agreement, which covers labour, parts, and consumables.

Pre-Sales Support

Product Training

We provide our resellers with product training free of charge. You can expect to be educated on the type of products we supply with their USPs and how they fare against the competition. In addition, we will advise you on the landscape of the digital printing market, how to effectively design solutions that will benefit your customers, and how to win against the competition.

Audit & Solution Design

Some projects need an expert. In such cases we will accompany you in discussions with your client to perform an audit of their current printing infrastructre and deduce their needs. We will then design a complete and customised solution to fully satisfy all their requirements.

Project Pricing

We can help you win important projects with large reductions off list pricing, or with the introduction of flexible payment plans, such as hire purchasing.

Post-Sales Support

Solution Implementation

After a deal is closed we can take care of all deliveries and installations for you.

SLA Contracts

Whenever required, we can issue customised SLAs to fulfill each customer's requirements. If your client wants to be assured that any issues will be resolved within a specific timeline, we can implement that in a customised contract and deliver on it.

Automated Supply Fulfillment

Our company utilises remote monitoring software for printers. With this software we remotely monitor all printers on your customer's network and pre-emptively deliver supplies to minimise downtime and ensure all their devices are always up and running.